Roger Whittaker, famous singer: Mother tortured for hours by blacks, father murdered by blacks

[I like the British singer Roger Whittaker. I especially love his song “The Last Farewell” which I think is one of the greatest love songs ever written. It turns out he was born in Africa, in Kenya, one of the first countries abandoned by the British Empire. It seems he even spent some time in South Africa. I was surprised to read that he seems to have a liking for Europeans and has done songs that were hits in different parts of Europe. But it seems his most loyal supporters are GERMAN and he’s done songs in German despite his lack of knowledge of the language! He seems to have a real love for his German supporters!

But what they don’t tell you is this. In 1989 his parents were still living in Kenya. Blacks came and caught his mother and tortured her for 8 hours and they murdered his father!!! That’s Kenya! In Kenya the Mau Mau chopped whites up with machetes. They cut the tendons of the white peoples’ cattle. Kenya was where 60,000 British farmers and also some white South Africans including Boers lived. Most of them left Kenya. That is where the blacks with their Jewish communism came, filled with hatred for whites. That was the beginning of the so-called “Liberation wars” – a load of Jewish lies I tell you.

On Wikipedia they say this about what happened to Whittaker’s parents:
“On 1 April 1989, Whittaker’s parents (still living in Kenya) were subjected to a brutal attack by a gang of four men in which his mother was tortured for eight hours and his father was murdered. His mother moved back to England after the incident. Roger Whittaker said about the incident, “It will affect me for the rest of my life, but I believe we should all live without hate if we can”.”

Here’s the full page on Wikipedia about him:

3 thoughts on “Roger Whittaker, famous singer: Mother tortured for hours by blacks, father murdered by blacks

  • 28th July 2017 at 7:40 am

    Hi Jan

    Hope you are well, Thank your for all your videos, they are very informative and you should not let anyone get in your head.
    Also, I believe us whites has a special 6th sense and we can sense danger when it comes.. So please do take care, I see it like this, Every person you Win over the devil and his minions (the JEW and his nigger minions) would want your life more! All of us should be very vigilant in this turbulent time.

    They know that we know, and that makes them nervous.

    I was also wondering with your recent video, (How White South Africans changed massively over 35 years)
    Why did you say to Alex Linder you are becoming more pro-british? the pro-british that support the “queen” and how they (the so-called royal family) murdered Diana? It is true that one should not see your achievements as a bad thing, but there is no reward in achieving something when you murder someone or do everything in your power to undermine them..

    The british hands are full of innocent blood, a “royal family” that support child murder, and even sex with minors..
    the two beasts , the one out of the sea (england) and the one out of the earth (israel)
    who let the beast (666) (mandela)(4-666-4) out of it’s pit? the jews did…. so once you realize that the nigger is the spawn of satan… then what do you do?

    but it is a interesting time indeed…

    almost like starcraft-real life, the zigger surrounds us, but we manage to fuck them up…

    • 2nd August 2017 at 2:02 pm

      Hi neo,
      Thanks for your comments. I can’t remember the context in which I said I was becoming more pro-british. If you can point me to the location in the video where I said it I’ll give you an answer. Generally in recent years I’ve become very anti-British. It is only recently that I’ve begun getting support from the UK. First with Tara McCarthy and more regularly with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock whose been the most awesome, anti-Jew Brit I’ve ever met. Truly an awesome guy.


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