ROBOTS coming …Been Watching lots of science, technology & history videos … just catching up…


I’ve lately just been watching bunches of videos about science and technology especially. Any that are relevant to the website will be posted.

I’ve been quite fascinated by Robots. As a computer programmer, I am well aware of the many problems that relate to using technology efficiently and cheaply. I don’t think any of these things will change life any time soon. But watching the technology evolve is of great interest to see what they can do.

DARPA is behind all these walking robots. The military is almost always at the leading edge of technology.

So I’ll be putting up some videos just for interest and to show some of the progress.

But I think that there are simpler ideas that can be linked up with these new technologies that could be extremely interesting.


Even ancient history and times long past are fascinating.

None of this relates directly to our race or survival, but all knowledge is of interest.

In fact, watching certain developments makes me realise even more importantly, what we lost when we lost WW2 to the Jews. Truly. It has held us back. And it has brought us down.

I see many things I don’t like too. The USA really has some bad trends going on there.

But everything can be overcome.

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