Rhodesian Rebellion; South African Apartheid & Ivor Benson & Douglas Reed & the Jews

[This is from a note that I wrote to one of my supporters. Jan]

I remember your requests, and I began doing research on it. Here in South Africa.

Neither of these men are known in South Africa, except, at most by a tiny handful of really old right wingers.

I was looking at Benson’s links, especially the ones in Rhodesia and the Rhodesians hardly say a word about him. It is very interesting that the man who invited him to Rhodesia was PK Van Der Byl, who was our minister of defense. PK is a fascinating character all in his own right, being a South African who lived there. Only one book has been written about him and he was a pretty wild fellow.

Benson seems to have been extremely busy in South Africa after he was kicked out of Rhodesia, and he continued his work to the end. But like I say, I wanted to do more digging into him, and I’m especially curious about those early days, because he was only in Rhodesia working for Ian Smith from 1964-1966.

The early days of the Rhodesian rebellion, and even prior to that, fascinate me.

Did you see my lecture that I gave in the USA and Canada called: “50 Years of Race War in southern Africa?” Because in there, I began hinting at many things that make sense now, which previously I had not dug into. I want to turn my lecture into a video. The people who saw it, even in South Africa, were blown away by the facts I had amassed, but I’ve deliberately, not mentioned much of it on my websites. I worked really long and hard on that for about 2+ months at the end of 2018 and early 2019. It allowed me to get into the deeper things hidden here in SA.

But I would need to do a lot more research on Benson. I agree with you he is a fascinating fellow. The conditions preceding the Rhodesian Rebellion and also the time of Dr Verwoerd are fascinating. Truly, there was a lot going on in southern Africa and the whites were still in excellent shape.

Re: Reed.
I have his main book, the controversy of Zion. I have not read his book defending Rhodesia. He seems to have faded away much earlier than Benson.

I was going through his controversy of Zion book, and one chapter that I found enthralling, were his discussions of the Korean war. There he began exposing Jewish nonsense in a way I had not seen before.

As a separate topic, I have formed my own opinion, regarding the war in Vietnam, and the way your American system actually works, of the Generals Vs the Politicians. There may be some parallels with South Africa, and what happened here. But your country operates in strange ways, that the Jews tap into, and the Jews work against the whites, and the Jews work to cause the whites to fail. Korea and Vietnam are 2 examples. There is a fascinating point regarding Vietnam, that I picked up some years ago, which I think explains some of the struggles and clashes between the Military/Intelligence and the stupid politician idiots. It has to do with casualty estimates in Vietnam.

My first thought regarding Reed was to do an audio of the Korean war. Because in there, he delved into stuff that I thought was astounding.

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