READER: Your BEST assessment of Jews is: JEWS107: How Jews think: Emotional Vs Logical Thinking & its consequences for everyone

When I did this audio, I was sure I had the Jew totally figured out, including how and why “Jews Jew” (to quote Tan Staafl). How does this race of total shit actually THINK? What is their real game? Why do they act the way they do? How do the filthy minds of this race of cowardly shit actually work?

But nobody seemed to have noticed what I said. Related to this, which I have completed, but not put online is: Jews are Managers, Whites are Workers, Soldiers, etc

Between these two audios, I’m describing a lot of the mechanics of Jews Versus whites and I’m trying to show, WHY WE ARE LOSING TOO.

THIS RACE OF SHIT CAN BE DEFEATED. THEY HAVE BEEN DEFEATED. They are afraid of us in certain respects. In other respects they spit in our faces.

Here is my reader’s comment:

This is one of the most insightful analyses of the alien mindset of “The People of the Lie” on the Internet!!!

It should be at the top of your main page and remain there!!

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