Reader: Will the Jews kill their own with Coronavirus & 5G in order to win?


A reader wrote:
The question is will the Jews sacrifice their own kindred to achieve total control through “corona virus”. If it is true that the 5G implementation is the so-called “corona virus”, why are there deaths where there is no 5G towers. If the 5G towers are the culprit, what prevents us from destroying those towers. A molotov cocktail will do the trick.

Jews want to control the world. Why?. Way back Anita Bryant came up with the slogan “Kill a queer for God”. So, we can now come up with a slogan “Kill a jew for Jesus”. We have to turn the heat up on these scum of the Earth jews.

I replied:
I agree we must turn up the heat on them. This is critically important because it puts them in corners that they’re not ready for. Their entire structure has its weaknesses, but you’ll only see the cracks when you push against it. I deduced these ideas by observing the blacks and communists here in Africa. It is important to keep the pressure up AND TO INCREASE THE PRESSURE. Then you will see cracks you’re not exploiting, and then whites can dive in AND EXPLOIT THE CRACKS RUTHLESSLY.

Returning to 5G. I did a quite basic stuff of what various white guys did who dug into this and I do NOT believe 5G is a threat. Really. Ignore it. It goes against the laws of physics for 5G to be a threat to us. The waves can barely penetrate our skin, so quantity does not matter. Whereas radio waves have for more than a century, been passing right through our entire bodies.

Finally, you ask, will the Jews kill all of their own? No. Jews are by their very nature EXTREME COWARDS. They will never do this and most will run when their weak, cowardly psychology perceives a threat.

JEWS ARE BIG COWARDS. BIG COWARDS. They’re a race of malicious weaklings, who lie and do hidden things because they can’t face their enemies face to face.

If any threats are REAL, you’ll see Jews running and disappearing in an instant like the 4,000 of them did on 911. Remember very few Jews died on 911.

They are cowards and will always save their own as much as they can.

So turn up the heat. Just turn up the heat to FULL STEAM AHEAD and let’s see what happens. I say we’ll break the Jews and even break the blacks who themselves also are COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY. WHITES ARE ALWAYS FULLY IN TOUCH WITH REALITY. The others are NOT.

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