Reader feedback: Yes John Kerry is has JEWISH roots…

[To my amazement the answer is a resounding Yes! Jews are everywhere. Its just as Dylann Roof said: If only we could turn all the Jews blue … we would be in for the shock of our lives! Jan]

Below are comments from readers:

When Kerry Was Kohn: The Jewish Roots of John Kerry
Of course he is a rat

Hyperion Six Zero Eight • 20 hours ago
His real name is Cohn or Cohen, another name changing jew.

Angels77 • a day ago
he also married the widow of Heinz foods owner ,,,very kosher family

Jimi James LaMont • 3 hours ago
Kerry’s brother did a video I watched explaining how Kerry’s father changed the family last name from Cohen to Kerry. The brother is a practicing Jew and was dressed like a Jew in the video.

It’s been a while, but I think I saw it on JEWtube several years ago.

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