Reader: American panic, Jews own everything, Bank failures, Gun Confiscation – Weak Pathetic Whites


One of my supporters in the USA wrote something quite horrific to me. I’m not sure if one should withdraw monies from the banks. In the past they were “too big to fail” and the US Govt of course bailed them out with US tax payer monies, which, plus interest, will of course be paid mostly by whites. My own studies, which I’ve not released, have made me conclude that the Jews literally have engineered an UNLIMITED MONEY SUPPLY, which will go well beyond the $21 trillion that the USA already owes to them. My own thinking is that whatever crashes there are, it is too important for the Jews to let everything collapse and since they can snatch literally unlimited amounts of cash out of thin air (which I will discuss and describe elsewhere, when I do the relevant videos), I think that total crashes are not going to occur. They will simply reinflate the bubbles again, and they can take the bubbles even higher than before. The main long term consequence will be INFLATION, but since the West’s economies are large it will take a long time for this to happen.

TAKE SPECIAL NOTE that there are interest rates, e.g. in Germany, and I think now almost in the USA that are NEGATIVE. This is because of the insane money creation methods. There are many money creation methods, not just the Fed. So my own thinking is that Jews will reinflate anything that is important to them. I would be most surprised if there were true bank runs. So that is my 2c worth.

(PS: To survive inflation, especially hyper inflation, you simply buy physical assets – that’s the secret to surviving it – buy you’re nowhere near hyper inflation yet – however, the process is slowly in motion, but its unnoticeable currently).

A final point is this: Do the Jews own literally the entire planet – in a sense? They probably own most of the Western world, except its hidden. I will explain more later, from my recent studies of Britain, which I’ve not done any videos on yet. My Boer NAZI pal believed that the Jews owned most of the economies of England and later France. They probably own most of the South African economy too, and very possibly most of the USA. They’re an insidious bunch. This is what the race of filth live for.

So here is what my supporter in the US wrote:

I’m getting almost all funds out of my bank anyway, they could go down any time, things precarious here. People panicking in stores, traffic is down. My son works for
Boeing and he was sent home with pay for at least 3 weeks. Jews will
bail Boeing out as almost ALL corporations are owned by jews. This
will finish the jew plunder of World this phony Israeli virus hyped by the
jews media and stupid dumb zombie asshole white cucks believe it’s real
and they will give up what little freedom is left. Gun confiscation is on
the agenda now. New Orleans mayor has stopped all gun sales and states
are calling out National Guard, and gun confiscation is coming. Stupid,
pathetic whites will give them up without a whimper.

There may be a bank holiday soon. All reserve requirements for banks have
been cancelled. All wealth is being transferred to the jews and
bail-ins are a possibility, so don’t keep any funds in bank you are not willing to lose.

South Africa is in the jew sights now, it’s just the beginning there.
It will be hell on earth there too with stupid pathetic jew loving jesus loving
nigger loving whites.

Expect gun confiscation for whites.

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