Rabbi Predicts A Holocaust For Jews In America If Ruinous Jewish Usury Is Not Stopped – My Comments

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[The sly Jewish Rabbi whom everyone is so impressed with, is leaving out the most important issues. Hitler was not primarily concerned with usury. No 1 was the Jewish stab in the back which caused Germany to lose WW1. That was the first thing that drove Hitler to fury. The 2nd thing was Jewish Bolshevism (communism) – revolution inside Germany. Jews were fomenting revolution and war inside Germany. These things were massive compared to usury.

The Jewish rabbi scumbag, knows the truth but he's busy spinning a yarn here. The yarn is about interest rates … which the sly old rabbi scumbag, knows is going negative soon.
People really need to be up on their game with these Jewish scum. Jan]

On his May 16, 2019 show, “Stump The Rabbi,” Rabbi Yaron Reuven explained how just as the Jews in Weimar Germany in the 1920s and 1930s destroyed the German economy through usury, Jews in America are today recreating the same economic conditions through rapacious usury in the ‘cash advance’ industry, which, if not stopped by the government, will lead to a Holocaust of Jews living in America:

Who knows the first two laws that Hitler implemented?….that not only put him in a different status than everybody else for history but also made what’s called up until this the day the greatest financial miracle in history? Who knows the first two laws [that Hitler implemented]?….Rule number one: no more pornography. No more homosexuality. None of that garbage. Not allowed. Berlin in the Thirties, in the Twenties, was the Sodom and Gomorrah of the day. It was the Las Vegas of the day….homosexuality, pornography….bestiality, all the garbage of the world. That was the capital of the world. He outlawed it, and he no longer allowed….closed all the bars, all the gay clubs, all the production, all run by jewish people. Unfortunately.

Second rule: second rule was you’re not allowed to charge interest. No more interest. Now you would think, “Why? Why does he care about interest?” Well, cause all the people that had the money, that lent the money out were Jews. He didn’t like it. He said no more interest. Why? Because of the high interest that the Jews charged people, was so high, it ruined and destroyed the economy in Germany. It destroyed it.

Just like they destroyed Russia a few years before that through their communism over there. Jews destroyed Russia, not goyim. Jews destroyed it. Communism is by Jews. Don’t let anybody confuse you. You look at history: Karl Marx, all the [others]….they are all Jews. Wicked, but none the less Jews. They destroyed Russia, and [Hitler] wrote in chapter two of “Mein Kampf” now they want to destroy Germany. That’s why I have to destroy them. Now, it doesn’t make it right. I’m pointing out, that’s absolute true history.

[Hitler] saw that the Jews were controlling the financial system, and they are charging such high interest, they destroyed the German economy. To the extent that by the time you arrived to go to the store to buy bread, you had to take a whole horse carriage full of money. By the time you arrived at the store, it wasn’t enough. Why? Because the inflation was so high. The bread became so much more valuable and your money went down. So now he says “What’s this? The cause of this?” Because nobody could afford to do anything because the interest rates are so high. So he decided no more interest rates. Not allowed to charge interest rates.

At that time, the Great Depression was happening around the entire world. Everyone was in a financial collapse. America was in financial collapse. England was in financial collapse. Everybody else was collapsing. Germany collapsed worse than everybody else. But after he passed this law of no more interest, within six years, six years Germany became the leading, wealthiest economy in the world. They called it a financial miracle. Why? They were the only ones who were bold enough to stop interest.

This is one of the biggest reasons of why he hated Jews. Because they destroyed the economy, because of their greed. It’s not making him right. Don’t let this confuse you. But this is happening again.

The cash advance business is destroying the economy in America. Why? Because all of the people that are defaulting, all the people that are being stolen from, guess who they are? Small businesses, small businesses are what builds economies. It’s not big businesses….

This is going to be a huge blow up to the extent where you can see how Edom, just like the Torah says, Edom is going to come back again, Edom becomes America….Why? Because America is Edom after all. But you’ll see what happens. And you’ll see all of a sudden the six million Jews that are in America feel comfortable, that are sometimes in government, that are sometimes in politics, that are running big businesses, and so on and so forth, guess what? The same exact thing happened in Germany….In Greece same thing. In Rome same thing. In Egypt same thing. But guess what? We get greedy. We get sinful….

This, for sure, is a “Ah ha moment”. Unless the government, by mercy of Hashem, interferes with that industry and completely ruins it, we will see a Holocaust starting from this business.

Of course, the rabbi has one important point completely backward: Jewry is Edom, not America. The Edomite Jews, who are masquerading as Jacob/Israel, have created Mystery Babylon — or “Edom” as the rabbi puts it — throughout all White nations where the true Israelites dwell.

Issac foretold a time when Esau/Edom would rule over Jacob/Israel (Genesis 27), and that is exactly what we see everywhere we look as the Edomite Jews gain and consolidate their power and further strangle all western economies through their rapacious usury, which the rabbi confirms.

And the rabbi is warning his fellow Jews that they should not take this current prosperity and power for granted. Unless their financial empire based on usury is destroyed, the Jew are facing a real Holocaust this time, not one that happened only in their minds, like the one in World War II.

Source: https://christiansfortruth.com/rabbi-predicts-a-holocaust-for-jews-in-america-if-ruinous-jewish-usury-is-not-stopped/

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