[This is from Matt about his Mom. But it's true … mothers are awesome. Mothers will suffer privation and terrible things and even risk their lives or die for their children. This is very true. Jan]

Friends and Supporters: I feel embarrassed to send out this quote from Matt. I spoke with him this morning and he insists that it be sent out. I feel that I am just a mother that loves her innocent son. Ms. H

"Here is a special shout out on the occasion of my beloved mother’s 83rd birthday. No son–and I do mean NO son–could ask for a better mother than that which I have been so fortunate all these years of my imprisonment to have, and she has always been a steady, shining light in my life whenever the darkness of my personal misfortune has threatened to engulf me. I am happy that all of you have gotten to know her these years and learn in part from whence I came and, I hope, have come to love her too. I am grateful every day that I still have her in my life, carrying the torch for me and the cause to which I have devoted my life."

Matthew F. Hale

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