Putin’s Russian Racialism: The real secret to Putin’s strategies – learning from Hitler…


I’ve been doing a bit of digging into other things Putin did, to try to understand better what is really going on.

In many ways, what Putin is doing is similar to what Hitler did. The strategy is literally identical to Hitler’s. Hitler wanted to unite all Germans. And there were groups of Germans who lived in neighbouring countries. Africa is very similar to this. In fact, in Africa, this is a massive issue. Whole tribes are split between two or more countries. But in Europe this is less of an issue since Whites tend to live in their "home nation". e.g. Germans live in Germany, French live in France, etc. It is not common for huge populations to exist elsewhere. Switzerland is a strange country where Germans, French and Italians I think, all share one nation … and then they make money out of BANKING! 🙂

The Soviet Union or Russian Empire, is an EMPIRE, but at it’s heart are "Russians". Russians are not a true ETHNIC RACIAL GROUP. It’s more of a language. But it seems to me that about 60% of Russians are White.

So after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the plan was to let all these "provinces" become "nations". I seem to recall the original benefit of this was so that the "former soviet union" then could have a much bigger impact at the United Nations in the way that Africa did after colonialism.

What has been happening however, is that once all these nations were freed, quite a number of them actually like the European Union and want to link with it. e.g. Georgia, which is actually very far away from Europe. It does not seem to me as if one can lay the blame 100% at the door of NATO or Europe, or even Jewish America. There are other people who genuinely want to look after themselves. NATIONALISM is in fact what the whole world really wants. All races want it.

So when Putin wants to deal with these other areas, he finds that the majority of people in these other "nations" are NOT interested in being close to Russia. However, just like the Germans in Poland, or Austria or the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia, Putin has found that there are Russians in these other states, and guess what? Those Russians are more loyal to Russia! So there are Russians in Crimea, and Russians in Eastern Ukraine and Russians in Georgia. And he finds that they are more loyal to Russia and he can come in and use them as a method of leveraging power in that state.

So what you are really seeing is Russians unifying under Putin. Putin is doing what Hitler was doing before WW2. He’s doing the exact same thing.

The difference is that Germans are Germans. They’re not just a language/culture – they are a physical race. Russians are much more diverse. Russians are a language/culture where 60% (I think) of the Russians are White Europeans.

We need to define RUSSIAN more accurately.

America is actually more RACIALLY similar than Russia. e.g. The 200 million Whites are of the same race.

So that’s really what is going on.

Putin is trying to bring people back into the Russian Empire, but some are not interested. The Western Ukrainians, or most of the Ukrainians are Europeans.

At the end of the day, race is REAL. VERY REAL. And it’s actually in your face.

Furthermore, I want to tell you, from my own assessments, that nobody in the world wants GLOBALISM – except if some UN army will invade and fight on their behalf or they get some money or other handouts. Most of the world is NOT interested in globalism.

In fact, when the Asians and Blacks wanted their freedom from the European Empires, they all wanted NATIONALISM. That very thing that Whites are BANNED from having. That in reality is what they wanted. You can look at all of the history of the decolonisation and the collapse of Europe’s Empires. ALL THE NON-WHITES WITHOUT EXCEPTION wanted NATIONALISM.

That is true to this day.

Race is real. Race is VERY REAL. Whites, just stick together and work together. You’ll see how this plays out.

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