Putin’s Blitzkrieg – Shock and Awe Russian style: 5 Days to Victory: Georgia – 2008

The reason why everyone panicked so much about Putin’s recent invasion of Ukraine is because of the war in Georgia in 2008. A similar type of political situation developed there, and Putin then invaded Georgia. The Russian tactics and methods were virtually identical to what he he tried in Ukraine … with one difference. It went so quickly, that the Georgian’s collapsed and quit in 5 days! In 5 days it was TOTALLY OVER. Finished. Victory.

It was a true shock and awe campaign, to use an American term. And it WORKED.

But in Ukraine, Putin’s bluff was called. The Russian military has got it’s limits, among them a limitation of 5 days in combat before their logistics need replenishing. And that’s part of what has happened in Ukraine. After the 5 days … if the enemy can hang in there … the Russian military then runs into problems and slows down. It doesn’t stop, but it can be slowed down – quite a lot.

But Georgia is the basic template for the Ukraine War, and back in 2008, it worked PERFECTLY.

It seems to me that ALL the aspects of this Ukraine invasion, are based on the plan that was used in 2008.

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