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[Here you can see clearly that nothing has changed, and that Putin is anti-West. As for those who believe nuclear weapons are not real… well, they are real enough for the Russians and Iranians to believe in them!!! Russia is very dependent on its nuclear weapons. It got its nuclear science from American Jews who stole America's secrets and handed it over to (((Russia))). It's a terrible disaster. At least two of (((them))) were executed. But the tremendous damage was done. Jewish spies have done so much damage to the USA over the years. Regarding the USA defending itself from Russian nukes. The USA is way ahead of Russia in this game, and the Russians themselves would struggle in a nuclear war – make no mistake. I used to study this nuclear stuff a lot. But the truth is that America has the real edge in this matter. In Europe you have the UK and France who are the main deterrents, especially the French. So what will the Germans and others do? I have a suspicion that the Europeans, with time, will get so far ahead of the Russians that they will be able to prevent Russian attacks through other means, perhaps, very high tech technology that can prevent nukes reaching Europe. I find it hard to believe that the Europeans have not studied this carefully and that their scientists and engineers can't crack these problems.  Jan]

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the nuclear triad a guarantee of Russia’s military security and global stability. During the recent meeting with the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry, heads of federal departments and defense industry companies, Putin said that despite the changing nature of military threats, it is the nuclear ‘triad’ that remains the most important, key guarantee of Russia’s military security.

It is only nuclear weapons that can save Russia from the West

"If you take a broader look at the problem, it guarantees global stability too. Maintaining such a balance of power negates the threat of a large-scale military conflict, in fact, it makes any attempts to blackmail or put pressure on our country pointless," Putin said.

For Russia, it is still important to take into account potential and external threats to the country, such as the expansion of NATO’s military presence near the Russian borders.

"In Europe, NATO’s military presence has been expanding closer to the Russian borders. The alliance did not react at all to our proposal to reduce military activity during the pandemic. Moreover, the frequency of aviation and naval operations of NATO countries has increased," Putin stressed.

He added that Russia will continue to modernize its nuclear forces and strengthen their elements.

The nuclear triad consists of strategic aviation, nuclear-capable submarine missile carriers and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

During the meeting, Vladimir Putin said that the arms control system in the world was degrading and shaking. He also reminded that the START Treaty expires in February 2021.

Source: https://english.pravda.ru/news/russia/145281-nuclear_weapons/

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