Protocols 2019: Plunder by Central Banks in Overdrive – White silence DEAFENING

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[This is a note from one of my supporters. I was unaware of this filthy Jew. I see he actually lived among the whites in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). He must have been one of the Jewish scum among us when there were still whites living in Zambia, at the time of Rhodesia. Wow! Jan]

Plunder of our wealth by jew central banks is now skyrocketing. (((They)))
continue to give YOUR CHILDREN’S future to fellow jew bankers, and
not a peep from the WHITE zombie victims of (((their))) massive theft.
The white man sits idly by while he is being financially raped by these
jew criminals. Can the WHITE MAN sink much lower to not protect his
children’s future? Even the lowest animal will protect it’s offspring to the death.
Apparently the WHITE MAN has lost the will to survive and will go extinct much
to the delight of the jew, mongrelized into oblivion.

NOTE: The hidden jew behind the FED curtain is Stanley Fischer, the former head
of the Bank of Israel brought here to oversee the our final plunder for the jew.
Powell is the Shabbos Goy FED front man well paid to take the heat off the
jew behind the curtain, as Whitey was starting to smell a kosher rat. He is
still pulling Powell’s, Congress and Trump’s purse strings for the Kehilla.

Stanley Fischer (14152693510).jpg

Stanley Fischer (Hebrew: ????? ?????; born October 15, 1943) is an Israeli American economist and former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve. Born in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), he holds dual citizenship in Israel and the United States.[17] He served as governor of the Bank of Israel from 2005 to 2013. He previously served as chief economist at the World Bank.[18] On January 10, 2014, United States President Barack Obama nominated Fischer to be Vice-Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors. On September 6, 2017, Stanley Fischer announced that he was resigning as Vice-Chairman for personal reasons effective October 13, 2017.[19]

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