Protocols 2019: Female CFR catfight – Kabuki theater

[A reader sent me this. I like his term for Trump: The Orange Jew. It still saddens me that he did not lift a finger against Hillary – who should have ended her life swinging from a rope for the things she's done. Ditto for her scumbag husband Bill. Jan]

My reader wrote:

Protocols: Always control the opposition, a la Orange Jew, Bush, Clinton, Eisenhower, etc etc etc.

Jews appear to be grooming Tulsi (CFR just removed her name from roster) for future presidential run by duping white goyim that she actually supports them and is against Hillary. All race mixers will vote for Tulsi, as will perverts, illegals, jews and other assorted anti-white detritus.

Don’t be fooled. Tulsi will never come out against Israel or her jew puppet masters.

This reminds us who still can remember the phony cat fight between the

Orange Jew Drumpf and Hillary, he said she would be in prison garb if he

got elected. Would the ORANGE JEW lie?

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