Pope Francis – sellout: The Corrupt, Jew-infiltrated, paedophile Roman Catholic Church … comments from Catholics…


Here are 2 comments from my readers about the Roman Catholic Church.

One reader wrote:
The Vatican, which has been entirely corrupted, is not the Catholic Church. The new world order Novus Ordo church is not Catholic. Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope. The last Pope was St Pius XII. All those since have been antipopes.

Another wrote:

The church is based on Pedophilia in the clergy ranks and that sin is coming home to roost big time. The present lawsuits against the church world wide is MUCH larger than the media is willing to disclose.

It’s interesting to note that JEW law firms are representing a very significant portion of these abuse cases and are advertising heavily on soliciting more victims to represent.

During the 1960’s Jews were trying to breach the Vatican financial wall with minor joint venture investments. By the year 2000 the vast majority of the Vatican investment portfolio had a Jew partner included. Presently the entire Vatican portfolio is Jew handled from the director position down.

It is absolutely no wonder that the Catholic financial officials are getting purged right and left. The Goyim has to go…period. Pope Francis, the foul, lying Pedo is all for the financial take over and kowtows to the Jew money masters at every turn. I find it gratifying to see several of the senior Cardinals publicly fighting back. Love to see it blow wide open now the Pope has sanctioned Gay marriage. This is got to piss off a huge segment of the Catholic body.

Love to see every Catholic in the world financially Boycott the Church.

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