Pope Francis is a secret Jew (crypto-Jew): More Catholics are REJECTING Catholicism


[One of my readers wrote these fascinating comments. This is excellent stuff. I am delighted to see Catholics even calling Pope Francis a heretic – which he is. I actually did a video wherein I explained reasons why I believe he is a crypto Jew. His best friend, by the way, was a Jewish Rabbi and he's said things like: Inside each Christian is a JEW waiting to get out. Vatican2 is a total shambles. It even removes the blame from the Jews for killing Christ. The whole thing is such a Jewish scam. Also, the Catholic Church is totally anti-white and has hundreds of millions of black supporters. That church no longer belongs to whites. Jan]

My reader wrote:
I am convinced that the man who claims to be Pope Francis is a jew. He is neither a Christian or Catholic. More and more Catholics are rejecting the jew subverted Vatican and going to sedevacantist Catholic churches or not going to church at all. Even most of the Latin Mass Churches claim that even though Jorge Bergoglio ("Pope Francis") is a heretic, he is still the Pope. That leaves most Catholics with no church to attend.

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