Pics: Meme: When Whites wake up to RACE & JEWS … its AWESOME … Charlie’s Angels…


[I saw this post on Gab, and I laughed so much. This is the reaction to the new Charlie’s angels movie. I don’t watch movies myself. I switched off my stupid TV here in South Africa in 2012. I’ve never watched TV since, except to maybe watch old VHS tapes or DVDs. Get away from the stupid Jewish influence.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WHITES. THE WHITE CHILDREN ARE NOT GOING TO BE DEGENERATES. THE DEGENERACY IS COMING FROM: Jewish: TV, Mass Media, Newspapers, Movies, Magazines. JEWS are making us SICK! Otherwise we’re fine, healthy, and racially defensive. I will post some other beautiful things I saw.

This is exactly in line with my trip to the USA and Canada. When whites learn the TRUTH they are FINE! There’s NOTHING WRONG WITH US. WE ARE NOT DEGENERATE! THE JEWS ARE MAKING US DEGENERATE. Jan]

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