Pic: 2018: USA: Swastikas carved in the snow at Creve Coeur apartments – My Comments


[The first thing one should always do is check whether the Jews themselves aren't the ones carving the Swastikas in the snow. Those Swastikas look like they are pointing in the wrong direction. I am wondering if the Jews did not do this. Are there lots of Jews living in that area? This might just be a trick by them. Jan]


Thank you @ADLHeartland for sharing these troubling photos. Just to give everyone an update, we are working with the local @FBIStLouis to find the person(s) responsible. For anyone with tips, please forward them to 314-872-2543. More info to follow via social media. https://twitter.com/ADLHeartland/status/1063414382317789187 …

ADL Heartland @ADLHeartland

A swastika in last night’s snow. Today it will likely melt but its impact will be long-lasting. This neighborhood should be #noplaceforhate. Thx @CreveCoeurPD for being so responsive. @ADL_National

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11:31 PM – Nov 16, 2018

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