Photos: White Cop killed: Ryan Hendrix — Police Officer Killed In The Line Of Duty by a criminal


[I suspect chances are the criminal was black. Yet another white male, who is a value to our race, dies for no reason at all. Dreadful stuff really. And he's a father of 2 lovely little children. Jan]

Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix, 35, died Thursday afternoon after he was fatally shot by a suspect in a vehicle break-in.

The sheriff’s office issued a press-release, saying:

“Early this morning, while the world slept, Ryan responded to assist a family needing help when they became innocent victims of a violent encounter,” the release read. “We all know the tragic outcome, but Ryan refuses to let the story end there. Even in passing Ryan continues to exemplify a servant’s heart. You see, Ryan was also an organ donor. He will continue to help strangers for a lifetime, even after making the ultimate sacrifice. Ryan’s family wants everyone to know that ‘Ryan was doing the job he was born to do and he died doing the job he loved.’”

Sen. Thom Tillis also reacted in his twitter: “God bless the family of Marine veteran and Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Susan and I are praying for him, his family, and his fellow Henderson County deputies.”

The (PBF) and North Carolina Division of the Southern States PBA have started a memorial fund to help the family of Henderson County Deputy Ryan Hendrix. Click here to help.


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