Photos: BRWR03C: HYPOCRISY: Blacks want Whites shot during peaceful protest!


Look at this message. Julius Malema, a black communist racist, hate-monger who is intent on starting race war and who openly speaks about white genocide, complains that the Police did not shoot at the whites when they protested the farm murders. But look at what the whites were doing. The whites were chilling and taking it easy whereas the blacks burn stuff and destroy things. See the photo below.

Compare the White protest in the photo with the Black protest. In this photo whites are even kneeling and praying to God and asking forgiveness! Notice: NO GUNS! No weapons of any kind. Compare that to the blacks!

Look at this fun pic below with a caption in Afrikaans: It reads:
“As ons protes breek ons nie goed af nie” – “When we protest we do not break things”
“Ons baklei nie. Ons gooi nie klippe nie” – “We do not fight. We do not throw stones.”
“Ons BRAAI!!!” – “We have a barbeque!!!” – You can see the smoke of a braai going up in the background. No kidding! They did braai!

BTW, for the record, the ONLY criticism I have of the whites on that day was the kneeling and praying and asking for forgiveness from God. The whites are the most law-abiding and honest citizens of South Africa. I’m not saying they’re perfect. But as a GROUP they are by far the most honest and law-abiding citizens of the country without question. I think too that the whites must cut out the guilt trip. Stop feeling guilty because you succeeded. Stop pretending that as a group you have anything to feel guilty about. That’s nonsense. Cut it out and stand up and hold your head up high.

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