Photos: Boers doing the NAZI Salute – 2010: Eugene Terreblanche


[The Boers/Afrikaners do not normally do a NAZI salute. But the right Wing AWB (Afrikaner Weerstands Beweeging – Afrikaner Resistance Movement), was the most right wing organisation. It was run by Eugene Terreblanche. It is very probable that the AWB was started by Military Intelligence as a controlled opposition for the Boers and that Eugene was sent to run it. He was a great speaker. But regardless of how it began it drew vast numbers of genuine Boers all of whom were white racists and whose dream was for a revival of the Boer Republics and for ONLY WHITE PEOPLE to live there. (The Boers have always been happy to accept ANY white people in their midst).

Eugene was murdered in 2010 brutally by some blacks. It is MY PERSONAL VIEW from all the data I studied then, that he was murdered by blacks sent by Julius Malema and Robert Mugabe. Julius Malema had just visited Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and it was my assessment that they were going to try to start a mass land seizure program and that the opening rounds of it would require the death of the most racist Boer leader so as to cause massive demoralisation among the Boers and to break down their resistance. This is my analysis and my view to this day. One of Eugene’s murderers was a black from Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). The others were South Africans. They beat him to a pulp. It was a gruesome murder.

Eugene did not like the Swastika nor did he ever go against the Jews nor did he praise Hitler. But the organisation’s flag was composed of 7’s which had a NAZI-style look to it. Its imagery seems to have borrowed some things from the NAZIS.

They were a militant organisation and at their peak had 70-80,000 white men ready and willing to fight. There has never been anything like the AWB before nor since. After Eugene’s death it lost lots of its members and is much smaller now than it ever was before. But it does still exist and I will tell you later about what the AWB did at Lichtenburg in October 2017. It is very likely that infiltrators from the Govt and the military saw to it that the AWB would never amount to anything and would never actually be successful at doing the task that it set out to do (i.e. to fight a race war). For the record the blacks HATE and FEAR the AWB more than any other organisation ever formed in this country. It is likely that in many small scale actions that they showed the blacks the white man’s steel fist!

I was never aware that anyone ever did a NAZI/Fascist/Roman Army salute in the AWB or anywhere in South Africa. But large numbers of Boers were there doing a NAZI salute at his funeral. It is the only time I’m aware of that large numbers of Boers in public did this salute. I put those photos at the bottom.

I don’t know what motivated them to do that, but I know that in the far right are many who admire the Germans and also some who admire Hitler. (Remember that like all whites everywhere they too were indoctrinated with the lie that Hitler was evil).

So there it is for you … a large number of Boers doing the NAZI salute in 2010 in South Africa!! Jan]

Supporters of slain white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche, sing outside the church in Ventersdorp, South Africa, Friday, April 9, 2010. Men in camouflage with pistols at their waists and little girls in their Sunday best were gathering in northwestern South Africa for the funeral of a the white supremacist killed in what has been described as a wage dispute with two young black farm workers. (AP/Photo Schalk van Zuydam)
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