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[Here is a little story that might give some insides on what was going on with Johnson. I have mentioned the inside story of the USS Liberty. But here, no doubt is also a part of the story. Jan]

LBJ and close friend Mathilde Krim

LBJ and close friend Mathilde Krim

The suggestion that LBJ was shacked up with a Zionist when Israel attacked and tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967 is not used here as a metaphor, as in “strange bedfellows;” it is meant literally as in shacked up. You see, he was ‘close friends” with Arthur and Mathilde Krim and Johnson even built a little cottage on his ranch called “Mathilde’s house.” No one has a tape of Johnson’s doings in his bedroom that night, with the possible exception of J Edgar Hoover, who was famous for such things, and Hoover’s secretary destroyed “those” files when he died.

We know LBJ had a different mistress, and in his usual crude manner said he could…shall we say…”get more sex” than JFK. So was he shacked up with the pretty Zionist or not? You will have to judge on probabilities. In a way, that is not is the big scandal, anyway.

The big scandal is that Israel attacked the USS Liberty as a false flag, to blame it on Egypt at the start of the Six Day War and thus draw the U.S. in openly on Israel’s side. The big scandal is that LBJ ordered other ships to NOT help them and 34 men died in a vicious attack that, save for a miracle, did NOT send the ship to the bottom of the sea, killing all on board.

USS Liberty

USS Liberty

The false flag failed. Most of the men survived. The whole thing was covered up and the official story was that Israel had made a boo-boo; they supposedly didn’t know that it was an American ship. The survivors were strictly warned to never talk about what really happened.

But the survivors have talked about it after many years. The scandal is that an American president collaborated with a foreign government to kill American servicemen as a war pretext. Of course, Johnson had lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident resulting in over 50,000 American servicemen killed in Vietnam, so no surprise here.

The scandal is that this vicious attack is nearly unknown among the general U.S. public and it should be known.

MLK said, “A lie cannot live.” But apparently a lie can cling to life for some time. In the end, it is exposed, and once exposed, it must die.

34 dead, 174 wounded

34 dead, 174 wounded

From a survivor: Anyone who doubts the sinister nature of this attack by a purported ally need only remember that, prior to the Six-Day Land Grab (a provocation that set in motion all that has followed since in the region), Lyndon Johnson was “befriended” by Arthur and Mathilde Krim. Arthur, president of United Artists, was chair of the campaign finance committee for the Democrats, a party then headed by LBJ. Krim acquired property near the LBJ Ranch in Texas where he built “Mathilde’s House” where she commenced a long-running affair with our Commander-in-Chief.

On the night that the 1967 “war” commenced (aka an agent provocateur operation), Mathilde was having a “sleepover” in the White House. Mathilde was previously married to an Irgun terrorist and became an Irgun operative. The Irgun, led by Menachem Begin, arranged for the bombing of the King David Hotel, leaving 91 dead. Mathilde, a convert to Judaism, struck up an exquisitely well-timed affair with a U.S. president in the lead-up to this provocation. Irgun became the Likud Party of Sharon and Netanyahu.

Don’t take my word for it. Check the links. Think for yourself.


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