Photo: Please Help this White Family whose house was burnt down

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[This might be in Canada. This was sent to me by a Canadian lady I know well. There is an email address further down. It's terrible to lose one's home.  Jan]

Community Request for Support
Terry McCoy and Family

On behalf of the Whitecroft Community League, I wish to extend our heartfelt compassion to Terry McCoy who lost his home in a fire a few days ago.

We are relieved that Terry and the rest of the family are safe and unhurt, but we are very sorry about what happened to their home. We understand the McCoy family shared many special times in this community, and we are grateful for all the contributions to our neighbourhood by the family, as one of East Whitecroft’s original homes.

Many neighbors have reached out to ask what they can do to ease the circumstances for Terry and family. Our community is committed to supporting this family as they work on rebuilding.

There are currently two ways that the Community League is advocating to support the McCoy family.

  1. If you prefer to send cash donations electronically, you may e-transfer an amount to treasurer. In the message of your e-transfer, please note “McCoy Fire Recovery Fund”. It would also be helpful if you note whether you want to remain anonymous or if it is okay to provide your name, as a donor, to the family. Deb will ensure that the funds are provided directly to Terry.
  1. Also, Brenda Frederick, a community member, has volunteered to collect gift cards or cash on behalf of the family. Brenda has a list of some the basics required for the family’s interim accommodations, and some specific needs regarding back-to-school supplies, etc. If you prefer to donate in this manner, please call Brenda to ensure she will be home to accept your donation. Brenda can be reached at 410 East Whitecroft or by phone at (780) 237-7877. Brenda will work with Terry to ensure your donations are put towards items identified by the family.

Thank you in advance to the many generous neighbors who have come forward, and continue to help. It has been much appreciated and noticed by the McCoy family.


Davis Hodgins, President

Whitecroft Community League.

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