Photo: Copy of a Donald Trump letter from 2021 – He regards himself as the President! – Not recognising Biden!

[This is the best I could do with the poor image I got from a letter by Trump that is circulating. You can barely make it out to read it. He’s writing to a union and telling them they’re useless. He is pretty much “himself”, the same Trump he was before he became the President. But notice how he ends it, signed as PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP! I will see if I can get copies of other letters. That shows clearly, in “diplomatic language”, that HE DOES NOT RECOGNISE BIDEN AS THE VALID PRESIDENT! That says it very clearly. Apparently he left a letter in the Oval office for Biden, but Biden has not allowed it to be published. I wonder what he wrote there. The key issue here is that Trump still regards himself as the President of the USA, which he really is. I’m glad to see this will remain a burning issue. That’s very important. Also, at the top where it says the office of Donald Trump, that seems like the American eagle there. Isn’t this a modified version of the type of letter a President would use? Surely he never had such a layout when he was a private citizen? It seems very much as if, he’s retaining, as much as he can, without it being illegal, the persona of a President. So its good that he’s standing up for what he believes in. Whether you like him or not, he WAS CHEATED! That is a different issue to whether you support him or not. In fact its a more important issue. Jan]

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