Paul Fromm: Canada – Comments on White Despondence: What’s the Use?

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[Paul Fromm soldiers on through thick and thin in Canada. I have a lot of respect for his efforts. His method is the only logical approach. Just keep on going … keep going and don't stop. I really like this quote that the people in the USA had:  "The letter not written influences no one." Jan]

What’s the Use?

How often have I heard this note of discouragement when we speak of activism, whether it is attending a protest or writing a letter to an MP? I don’t feel it myself, but I know some others do. What pretends to be the voice of "realism" is really the chattering devil of planned discouragement. The Dark Forces seeking to vacuum away our freedoms have been fascinated by the study of psychology — what makes people’s minds tick and, then, how can this information be used to manipulate or control them.

Modern tyranny has come to the conclusion that they don’t have to physically eliminate all dissenters or doubters. Just scare the majority into compliance (as they have with masks in the COVID Craziness). Then, convey the idea that their position is inevitable. Not everyone will agree, but as long as they are discouraged and passive, the evil agenda prevails.

This brings me o a protest on October 18, the day Lady Michele Renouf was to go on trial in Dresden for remarks made in 2018 at a February 13 memorial held every year for the 300,000+ German civilians incinerated in that city on February 13-14, 1945. The war was essentially over. Dresden was not a manufacturing or military target. It was, indeed, acity to which perhaps 250,000 refugees fleeing the Soviet armies just 70 miles away had fled. Churchill himself in sending the waves of incendiary bombers had gloated that he would roast the German people. Anyway, Lady Michele’s brief impromptu speech caught the attention of the German thought police.

She was detained, interrogated, released and an "investigation" begun to see whether she had violated Sec. 130 of the German Criminal Code — "racial incitement of the masses". Her speech had made no reference to race.This law, however, is used to persecute anyone who questions the Hollywood version of World War II or the Jewish tribal history more often called he holocaust. In due course, she was charged. The trial was to commence October 16.

On that day, supporters of the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) held a protest outside the German Consulate in Toronto. We had a good many discussions with curious passersby. A short video was made of the protest. Reports of the protest spread over the Internet.

We had only a vague report later that day. Something happened in the German court but both Lady Michele and her assistant Peter Rushton were under some sort of gag order. We would not learn until November 2 that the German prosecutor had, at the last minute, withdrawn the charges. The gag order was in place until the formal papers had been signed and filed.Lady Michele was free.

What’s the Use?Here’s what Peter Rushton wrote: ” It was great to see you campaigning for Michèle’s acquittal: for once the international pressure and fear of official embarrassment has succeeded!"

The fake news media may not have covered our protest but people in Germany were watching. There were several reasons likely motivating the German authorities to retreat from the battlefield having menaced Lady Michele with this case for 32 months. However, international notice and condemnation were one of them

We did our part! We did some good!

Years ago U.S. patriots had a motivational saying: "The letter not written influences no one."

We don’t alway see the results of our actions. Sometimes, indeed, they are ignored but our input goes into the mix influencing the decision makers.

As Luther said as he nailed his 95 theses or arguments to the cathedral door in Wittenburg setting off the Protestant reformation: Here I stand, I can do no other." ( Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders).

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