Past Western Pop Music – Full of JEWS: Neil Sedaka!


[For quite some time now, whenever I find an old song that I like, I also go and check up to see if the singer was JEWISH. I was looking at the name Neil Sedaka, which was a very well known name when I was a kid, and I thought, this looks a bit funny. Let's check. And sure as nuts … he's Jewish. There are many actors, singers and even comedians from the past from America and also from European countries who were outrightly JEWISH. It's shocking really. FAMOUS NAMES that I grew up hearing and which were on everyone's lips … and now I see, Jew, Jew, Jew. It's insane. Jan]

So from Wikipedia:

Neil Sedaka (/sɛdækə/ born March 13, 1939)[1] is an American pop singer, pianist, composer and record producer. Since his music career began in 1957 as a short-lived founding member of the Tokens, he has sold millions of records as a performer and has written or co-written over 500 songs for himself and others, collaborating mostly with lyricists Howard "Howie" Greenfield and Phil Cody.

Now for the Jewish part:
Sedaka was born in Brooklyn, New York. His father, Mordechai "Mac" Sedaka, was a taxi driver and a Sephardi Lebanese Jew[2][3][4] whose parents came to the United States from Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1910.[5][6][7] Sedaka’s mother, Eleanor (née Appel), was an Ashkenazi Jew of Polish and Russian-Jewish descent. He grew up in Brighton Beach, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.[8] His father’s cousin Rachel Gorman (née Cohen), the daughter of Isaac Cohen and Calo Cohen (née Sedaca), was married to Morris Gorman (né Gormezano) (paternal uncle to singer Eydie Gormé).[9][10]


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