One good thing will come from the Russia-Ukraine war…

There is one good long term thing that will come from the Russia/Ukraine war. It is this: Whites will flee and mix and live with other Whites!

For those of you who remember my video about the Evolution of Civilisation from Professor Quigley, you will recall his point about the importance of "mixing" people.

Well, at least 5 million Ukrainians are expected to flee and most will flee into Europe.

But there are also Russians who are fleeing Russia even now.

All these people will, mostly flee to somewhere in the Western world.

The mixing of Whites from different continents is going to be very good. All these different people interacting with each other, and later also intermarrying. But it is the knowledge and culture transfer that is the big thing.

It will bring us closer and closer together as a race.

That is the best thing of all.

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