Now I’m banned from Paypal too (After being banned from Youtube!)


After they banned my 10 channels off Youtube, I noticed payments “skipping” on PayPal a few days later and I got emails from them about “limits” being placed on my Paypal a/c. So last night I phoned Paypal in the USA from here in South Africa to ask why they had put a limitation on my account. They told me that “its best for us to part company” because of my website having paypal buttons on it. I said to the guy: I’ve had this paypal a/c since 2002. I’ve NEVER had ANY problems with paypal so can’t we just resolve it? He went to speak to his supervisor and then returned and said “no, this is permanent”. I was told that the monies I had in my paypal a/c would be locked in there for 45-180 days. They would send me an email letting me know when I can withdraw my monies! But it could be up to a six month wait “depending on their investigations”. So there you have it. (((They))) have deleted 12 Youtube channels of mine since December 2016 and now I’ve lost paypal!! Clearly (((they))) don’t like what I’ve been doing.

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