Nobody Killed for the Jews with greater determination than the Russians


This is a short note I sent to someone, but it’s something I’ve thought about quite a bit. Yes, the dumb Americans have killed millions of Muslims for the Jews. But, really the Russians are in a class of their own.

Here’s one way I’d sum it up:

A way of phrasing it is this: When the British had to kill for the Rothschilds, they did it with energy. When the Americans had to kill for the Jews, they did it with gusto. But when the Russians had to kill for the Jews (Bolshevik, USSR times) – nobody killed more, nobody was more brutal. The Russians killed for the Jews with a brutality and ruthless cruelty unlike what the dumb British and Americans are capable of.

I would like to remind people that though the British have always been happy to kill for the Rothschilds … whether they were killing Boers or Germans … yes, they killed a lot.

And the Americans have killed Germans, Muslims, etc for Jews.

But the killing of WHITES by the Russians for the Bolshevik Jews is in a class of it’s own.

They killed at least 60 million in Russia alone and they’ve killed more Whites than any other nation on the planet.

The Russian population is NOT all White. About 60% or so of Russians are White. The rest are Asiatics and various mixes.

As for the Christian loving Whites … they should look at how many MUSLIMS are in Russia!

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