Nobody in the world wants a One World Government … EXCEPT JEWS… – Non-Whites are all racist – Thoughts on Muslims

The more I look at history and also life, and observe people and speak to people. The more convinced I am that NOBODY WANTS GLOBALISM. The only people who want globalism are those who thought it up and who want to control it. It is only Jews and their scum who actually want globalism, because they’ll be at the top.

But nobody in the world would vote for it or even want to be a part of it unless they believed they could get rich out of it, or be protected by it.

I think that in order for Globalism and NWO nonsense to have spread, they could ONLY have spread it as far as they have through CORRUPTION.

It is mainly Jews, I think, who have this lust for controlling everyone and everything. They’ve been conniving for world domination since the Illuminati centuries ago.

But if you look at communism for example, which started out as a GLOBALIST thing … all the non-Whites, the Asians, the South Americans and the Blacks, ultimately wanted NATIONALISM of their own. In the end, Nationalism and racialism is what EVERYONE wants. EVERYONE IS RACIST. All these non-Whites are themselves totally racist.

In the end, people want to be with their own kind. It’s that simple. They want to be among their own kind and they want to live according to their own values.

Consider Islam for example. Islam is what comes AFTER Liberalism. AFTER Liberalism, the Arabs and other non-Whites who like Islam, gather together and change their own society. Consider for example Iran which used to look very Western and Liberal. The change to Islam and to all the values of Islam is nothing more than Arabs, for example, yearning for the time when they had the Ottoman Empire and when they were great. That’s all. They want their own power and they want a way of life that is comfortable for them.

I’ve observed the Blacks and they too have their ideas which are quite different to what Whites would want.

The notion that Liberalism is real, and that Globalism is real, and that we all want to live in the same world … I think that is mostly CLAPTRAP.

That’s why the Jews had to sneak this on us, because NOBODY would vote for it, and NOBODY, if asked up front if they wanted it, would have accepted it.

Jews have to quietly lure people into a TRAP where they can catch them, like you would say a mouse.

Globalism is bunk. Those who want it are either corrupt and in it for the money, or because they are part of the conspiracy who are setting it up. But in reality, nobody would ever want it.

The tenets and claims of Liberalism are garbage from end to end.

It is amazing how Jews have so confused Whites to the point where Whites believe it is reality.

It’s not. The only reality is race and ethnicity.

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