News White Americans won’t hear… the endless Black Crimes against Whites…


[One of my American supporters sent this note to others and copied me. I will add my own comments below. Jan]

The American lady wrote:

All we need is more welfare, free food, cheap housing, free college …

more community walks, midnight basketball , etc. in order to end endless negra crimes against Whites. Here are a few censored reports that will never see the light of day. New Nation News – Black on White Crime

We slid into a crime ridden Southern Africa daily, but the sheeple remain blind & hopeful.

The excellent American website she is referring to is here:

My own view from my trips to the USA and my general observations is that Black Americans are very spoiled. I really don’t see anything in them that tells me that they are different or better than the Blacks in Africa. America has been very wealthy and so has been able to WASTE lots of money on these people. However, this playtime will have to come to an end. What is shocking is the rate at which they have become radicalised over virtually nothing and have been spewing forth hatred and violence against Whites.

Meanwhile the DEATH TOLL of well meaning Whites continues to rise, and the tragedies never end.

I will say this: The "sheeple" state is NOT normal. It is a state that is deliberately induced by the Jews. Make no mistake about this. They know the White man’s mind better than anyone. They’ve been messing with the heads of the European race for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. They have learned our temperament too well, and they are dangerous and malicious.

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