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[A Canadian sent me this. This is just a bunch of Jewish garbage. This no doubt is linked to trans-gender crap. It's all weird bizarre nonsense that isn't normal and isn't a part of Western Civilisation. Garbage like this needs to be resisted and eventually thrown out. Whites, in the end, will be forced to fight back and push back against all this Jewish garbage. These Jews and their scumbag allies clearly have too much time on their hands. These people need to be thrown in jail with hard labour. Then they'll contribute something useful. The have too much free time and too much money to think up utterly demented garbage. Jan]

Subject: To all my e-mail friends who celebrate Mothers Day

You all have a mother, or you had one. Some of you are mothers, and
at this time in the world we can still celebrate it the old honorable
way. The world is changing rapidly, and new ideas are popping up,
usually from some groups of people who do not accept the old culture
and its values. Mind you, we all know that there is much sin and
stupidity in the world, but let’s celebrate what good we still have.

According to The Rebel News, Centennial Park Elementary school in
Abbotsford, BC has a new way of celebrating Mothers Day as "GROWNUPS WHO
LOVE US" day.

This must be based on some weird rules coming from the BC. Provinces
Education Minister’s office, how else.

It is not the only weird thing going on. Here in the Village of
Keremeos, BC the School Board has issued a rule that the children of
The Elementary School are taught that don’t say Mom or Dad, say my
PERSON. At ending of school day, small children will be picked up by
their PERSON. Also if there is a bus trip somewhere, a child needs a
letter to the teacher where a PERSON has signed the OK! for the trip.

I am in no way an expert on education issues, but nor am I an idiot who
does not see the difference between a Person and a Mom or Dad.

During the wartime in Finland, I can remember the incredible strength,
and will power of my mother when she was carrying me as a 3 year old on
her back running to a bomb shelter as bombs exploded nearby. Only a
a loving fearless mother can do that. I had never feared in my heart at
those times as mother was always protecting us.

I am laughing at myself thinking of a "Grownup Who Loves Me" doing the
same, but who knows what the future will bring us.

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