New Bulgarian book: Good read -Ten myths about Hitler. The Secret Materials of the Third Reich by Alexander Klinge

[Excellent stuff. Whites are spreading the truth about the most lied about white male who ever walked the face of the earth. And NO he was not Jewish and NO he was not a tool of the Jews. He fought Jews and Communism more than any male that has ever lived! 14/88 Heil Hitler! Jan]

The book DEBUNKS the most popular lies about Der Führer

Author Alexander Klinge

Ten myths about Hitler. The Secret Materials of the Third Reich


Did Jewish blood flow to Hitler’s veins? Did he possess magical power? Has he had mental and sexual disabilities? Did the commanders of the Third Reich claim that the Fuhrer prevented them from winning the war? Did he manage to escape to South America or Antarctica after the defeat? …

We have been fed up with Hitler myths for over fifty years. So far, he has been portrayed as a “giftless drawer” and a dull corporal who rose to power by the will of the case, a rampant nothingness with the psychology of petty groceries falling out of hysteria on every occasion and spraying poisonous foam … On the pages of this book we see quite another Hitler – a talented artist, a successful politician, a prominent strategist, sometimes on the verge of genius. This is the first serious attempt to look at the Führer impartially and impartially, without ideological frameworks and blasphemies on duty.

Kampf bis zum Endsieg!

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