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[I had the honour of appearing on a show a few weeks back on Kevin Strom's network. I will post the video on my website in the coming weeks. It was really fun. I must tell you that Kevin Strom is a White man who truly LOVES HIS RACE. Seriously. He's an extremely nice man. And even at his age, he's quickly catching up on making a family! All excellent stuff. He's a really warm human being. Jan]

by Douglas Mercer

IT DIDN’T happen. But it could have happened.

And that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

Oh, and did they mention that White people are bad?

You bet they did.

It appears that White people are so lagging in their hatred and racism that Blacks and Browns are having to pick up the slack. After all, what’s a day in the life of those dullards without some racism to complain about?

It’s what gives their meager and paltry lives meaning.

There’s an old saying that if racism didn’t exist they’d have to invent it, and that’s precisely what they’re doing.

It’s time we give them the real thing, good and hard.

Why, we had Jussie Smollett dodging those MAGA-hat wearing fiends in his imagination, making up out of whole cloth sheet-wearing hooded Caucasians in blackface, harrying and hounding him to the auction block. And that idiot mixed-race car racing cretin seeing things, a man who is so around-the-bend drenched in the dogma of White Man Evil, that he mistook a normal garage door pull rope for a noose.

A noose!

Imagine that. It’s what he did.

“Where da Klan at?” Are the White Supremacists getting the rope ready right now?

You see, they want this to be true. There is nothing they love more than a little White racism so they can trumpet their victim status and parlay it into power.

But the disguise is wearing thin.

For those of you old enough to remember, it was way back in the mists of time (23 September, 2021) in Chesterfield, Missouri, at Parkway Central High School, that some “racism” was said to have transpired. It was ballyhooed loudly and long by the Jew media that the most heinous thing known to modern man had occurred: racism. Story was that some evil White kid all hopped up on White nationalist propaganda and drowning in a cold-sweat Hitlerite fever dream had gone on a bender and stained the moral imagination of this country by putting up some “racist graffiti.”

Naturally all of the “right thinking” people of this country lost what was left of their collective minds (it wasn’t much). They chimped out, they raved, they ranted, they got on their high horses and their soap boxes, they got indignant, they went into outrage mode, they got in the highest state of dudgeon possible.

A familiar cry was heard throughout the land:


Stop the presses!

It was time for some “racial reckoning,” time for some social justice, time for the Kangz to be Kangz, time to say I’m Black and I’m proud, time for some “equity,” some reparations, some “coming to terms with the past,” some statues needed to come down, some streets and buildings needed to be renamed, time to give Thomas Jefferson what for and then the old heave-ho, time to pass out Tubmans will-nilly to the Negroes, time for “racial justice” to sweep the country faster than Elon Musk’s underground railroad.

Parents expressed their “deep concern,” school administrators thundered, letters were sent out, the press descended like a swarm of ravenous locusts, stories were printed, fingers were wagged, all the victimhood pansies went full flower, walk outs happened, everything shut down.

And I’m sure some poor White kids cowered in the face of the onslaught.

A student, who is not being identified, said he found the racist graffiti inside bathrooms all over the stalls, on the ground, on the mirrors.

Good gods, that pint sized proto-White-power terrorist was dreaming of getting the trains rolling and went on a spree! He was holding nothing back! He scrawled and he sprayed; he let his uncontrollable berserker White rage out of the bag; he harked back to the primeval German forests where his people were formed by harsh winters into a folk with souls of steel; he harnessed all the powers of an ascendant race in search of total mastery and control; he forgot that we live in a nation where negritude in all of its “beautiful” forms is worshiped, adored, and idolized; he forgot to keep his privilege in check; he neglected to empty out his invisible knapsack; he lost the social graces that require one at all times to bow and scrape in front of people who are obviously everyone’s inferiors.

Many students at Parkway Central High School have walked out Thursday (September 23 2021) during school after racist hate speech was discovered in the school’s bathroom. Students expressed their frustration and anger over another racially charged incident at the school, demanding immediate change from principal Tim McCarthy.

Immediate change! Chop chop! Don’t suspend the Negroes, give them all As; send them to Harvard; put the White kids in the back of the class; abolish the school-to-prison pipeline; get rid of standardized tests; make every month Black History Month; make the textbooks say Blacks built every building in the country; laud the Blacks as the “moral conscience of America”; serve fried chicken every day; drape the school in kente cloth.

Slavery, redlining, Jim Crow, Emmet Till, we want justice now!

A group of Parkway High School students who are part of a group called Students for Progressive Change sent out a statement Wednesday: “High school students in Parkway have been fighting for racial discrimination policy and tangible changes for years, but have gone unheard as racist incidents continue to happen with little to no repercussions for the perpetrators.”

Perpetrators. Criminals. Why, by the sacred memory of all those Blacks who have been strung up and left to dangle in the wind, these White miscreants must be hunted down like mad dogs foaming at the mouth with hate and put down. They’ll show him what White Fragility is.

Principal Tim McCarthy sent a letter to families Wednesday saying in part: “This act is an affront to the core values of our community and a serious violation of our discipline code. Please know that we take this offense seriously.”

The school’s core value is treating Blacks like untouchable gods who must be worshiped at every turn.

And in the school’s letter to families, they said counselors and staff will be available to students in need of support.

Why, it was a clearing house of Black grievance. Everything under the sun was done to lambaste White people, to put them in their place, and remind them of their second class citizenship status.

This graffiti was another bloody shirt they could wave and wave in order to run those White kids out on a rail.

You best believe it, bub.

Fast forward to reality.

Turns out it was a Black kid who did it.

Who knew?

There was no noose; there were no red-hat wearing fiends hounding saintlike POCs; there were no hooded men on horseback; there were no auction blocks; there was no back of the bus; there was no strange fruit dangling from the overpass.

There was none of that.

There was just a pint-sized tar monster who read all of society’s tea leaves and knew how to get a reaction. Given the non-stop round-the-clock vitriol emanating from the Jew-run media, even a D-average Congoid can figure out which way the winds are blowing.

The Parkway School District confirmed to FOX2 the student involved was Black.

Well raise my rent.

Are they sheepish? Are they chastened? Have they learned the lesson that you investigate first and blather and bloviate later? Have they learned to take their time and find out the truth before going off half-cocked? Have they had their anger tempered by sober realities? Will they ask for forgiveness? Are they going home with their tails between their legs?

Will they be a little humble and meek due to the fact that they have egg all over their faces?

Hell no!

It didn’t happen, but it could have happened. It’s the kind of thing that does happen. And that’s the lesson here.

Racist graffiti found in a Missouri high school’s bathrooms was the product of a hate hoax, the school district announced Tuesday (September 28 2021).

That didn’t take long! The turnaround time on these things is getting vanishingly small. It wasn’t even enough time to milk the anti-White propaganda through next Monday. Call an assembly, have a lecture series, put up posters saying that “hate has no place here,” put up signs showing a White man’s face with the words “Most Wanted” above it.

Instead it just fizzled out in a squall of embarrassment.

Actually, everyone with two good eyes and one good brain in his head could see this one coming from a million miles away.

A different day, but the same old story line.
The walkout

Negroes in fantasyland, and anti-White fairy tales.

When faculty at Parkway Central High School in St. Louis County announced that racist graffiti had been uncovered earlier in September, students and community members across the district staged a walkout in condemnation of the incident.

Will they stage a walkout again? Will they walk out on their walkout? Nah. More likely they’ll have a sit-in in which it will be claimed that this poor unfortunate Negro child is so “oppressed” that he needed to vent his pent-up fear.

Blame it on Whitey, folks. It works every time, apparently.

It didn’t happen but White people are still evil. That’s the takeaway.

However, the culprit behind the graffiti was a nonwhite student, according to a letter sent to parents, Supt. Keith Marty announced Tuesday. “The student responsible is not white,” Marty wrote. “This does not diminish the hurt it caused or the negative impact it has had on our entire community.”

Yeah, since no Negro can be punished any more in an American school (it says so in the Constitution, doesn’t it?), they’ll just slap the little yellow-eyed monster on the wrists, give him a super-sly atta-boy, and tell him under their breaths to be more careful next time.

The student admitted to writing the messages. Even though the student was not white, the school condemned the action and praised the student-led walkout efforts. Students proactively led walkouts at multiple Parkway high schools and in these moments, many students shared personal experiences of racism throughout their lives and at school.

There it is,. This particular instance was hogwash — but racism? It happens all the time. That’s the big picture, and that’s what really matters.

Regarding the walkouts it was said:

Their voice was a clear indication that more work is needed to ensure our school cultures and communities are safe for each student regardless of their race. I want to tell the thousands of students who participated on behalf of themselves and their fellow classmates: I am proud of you for supporting one another and we heard you loud and clear.

The Negro is going to keep lying; the Negro is never going to learn; and under the current System any Whites in charge will take the anti-White side. The press will make excuses; they’ll blast every “racist incident” to the high heavens — but they’ll mildly criticize all the innumerable hate hoaxes in the quietest of voices and move on like nothing ever happened.

I’d call it a blood libel, but really, if some White kid really did pen a powerful message of White resistance, I’d pin a medal on him.

Anyone got a red hat?


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