My views on Benjamin Fulford

[One of my supporters sent me a note about a show Benjamin Fulford was appearing on. My neighbour here in South Africa, a nice (weak) English South Africa, called William, was a huge believer in Fulford. My neighbour died from a very nasty illness. He was a nice guy, but he was one of these typically weak English-speaking white South Africans, not ready for the nasty future that lay ahead. He was a very pleasant bloke and he was the best neighbour I ever had. He always used to refer to me as "Jan the Man". 🙂 That was how he always addressed me, which made me smile. William was a BIG fan of Fulford and every now and then, over a period of many years he would send me stuff written by Fulford. I read Fulford's stuff and I was an extreme skeptic of Fulford. I concluded that Fulford specialised in writing feel-good nonsense that had no basis in fact. He never could stop his love of Fulford, where I was totally convinced that Fulford was a useless fake. I've never yet seen anything that Fulford has produced that I would consider seriously, even for a few minutes or seconds. I just regard Fulford's writings as total rubbish. A lot of what he writes, I also ask myself: HOW COME HE KNOWS THESE THINGS THAT HE IS CLAIMING! He makes BIG CLAIMS. I've always been interested in military/intelligence stuff and I fail to see how he can arrive at his conclusions by any serious analysis. I concluded the man just writes a lot of feel good nonsense. Or he works for an intelligence agency. Jan]

This is what I wrote to my supporter briefly after he sent me some Fulford stuff:

I don’t take Benjamin Fulford seriously. I’ve seen his stuff for years. I had a friend who swore by him, but I regard him as a total fake.

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