My Videos are Blocked in Spain – KEEPING THE TRUTH FROM EUROPEANS – Lies in Germany


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I got a note from someone in Spain that my videos are blocked in Spain.

That’s nothing new. This is an old game. There has, for years been an intensive campaign to stop the truth getting to our brethren in Europe. I urge all people to do their utmost to get the truth to Europeans.

A European friend of mine who lives in a non-European country, whom I have tremendous respect for, was telling me that Germans in Germany are lied to the MOST by their OWN LEADERS. He does not say things lightly. He was saying to me that German leaders lie to Germans MORE than the dumb Jewish allies did! He does not say these things lightly. He is an old man.

DO YOUR UTMOST TO GET THE TRUTH TO OUR PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. If you want to help our entire race and civilisation then make it a priority to get the TRUTH to Whites – EVERYWHERE.

The truth will set our civilisation free. Play your part and don’t be a snob. Don’t snub anyone in any of our nations. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER.

We have been living in the age of the largest amount of lies in the history of the world. Do your bit for all of civilization. Everyone of us has a role to play. Play your part. It is very important!

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