My favourite photo from WW2: When White men & women are at their finest: This is when marriage will work again…


This is my favourite photo from WW2. Look at these happy, confident German men. Look at these beautiful, femine, German women. The men are enjoying their strength and confident. The women look up to them. This is how we always were … going back to the Vikings, the Romans, etc. Women must have men that they look up to. This is very different to the way this junk Jewish Liberal world is. It is THIS WORLD… where MARRIAGE WORKS. This is how it always worked for our race. The men are showing the girls how to fire a pistol. But the whole thing is a happy affair, and the men are confident. I will bet you there is serious ATTRACTION between the men and the women who are in this photo. They like each other. The magnetism is there. This is how we are, when we are at our finest. Whites are NOT Liberals, NOT transgender, etc. This is us … at our finest.

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