May Britain rot in HELL: British TREACHERY at the end of WW2: Slaughter of: Croatians, Cossacks, Slovenians & others

[The actions of the Jewish controlled British at the end of WW2 are insane beyond belief. When you see and grasp the real treachery of those "fine upstanding Brits", ruled by the faggot Churchill, who was bailed out by the Jews from his debts, it is just horrific. The disaster that the British inflicted on our people in Europe is just the lowest of the low. I am aware of Cossacks who were sent to their deaths by the British. They loaded the Cossacks, who had fought with the Germans, on trains to be sent to the Jewish Soviet Union where they were all killed. The Cossacks knew they were going to die. Cossack women threw their babies and themselves under tanks, rather than returning. The Cossacks fought back and the fine British army beat them with rifle butts and loaded them onto trains to send them to their deaths. But it turns out that many more victims died in large quantities. The loyal Croatians died by the tens of thousands as did others. Here is just a small smattering of the horror and treachery that occured at the end of WW2, all at the hands of the British. The Americans, make no mistake, had their crimes too. But Britain is a particularly stupid, evil, idiotic country I must tell you. And I think it is all the Jewry at the high levels of the UK. Just sheer madness. How can the British be proud of anything? Jan]



The Queen pictured with Yugoslavian president Josip Tito, front left, in 1978 after hosting him at Buckingham Palace. Behind are Labor Prime Minister James Callaghan (later ‘Lord Cardiff’) and Prince Philip. Tito was supported by the British in the war, and its representatives turned thousands of fleeing German, Croat, Slovene and Cossack forces back to Tito’s partisans in 1945, knowing they would be killed.

In May 1945, German troops and Croatians were trying to reach Austria in order to surrender to the British rather than Tito’s brutal fighters. Tens of thousands of Slovenes, Serbs, Cossacks, Romanians and others joined the frantic flight.

Tamara Griesser-Pecar writes in A people divided. Slovenia 1941-1946. Occupation, Collaboration, Civil War, Revolution (Publisher: Boehlau Verlag, Wien 2003) that all Yugoslavs of German ethnic background were declared outlawed by the "Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia" (AVNOJ). Those who survived the horror of the labor camps were expelled from the country.

She speaks of the 60,000 Croatian soldiers and civilians who were massacred on Slovenian soil. Thousands vanished, to be found in recent times as skeletons bound at the wrist with wires. Not all were German sympathizers, but Catholics and other anti-communists fighting what they considered a civil war.

There were also the 25,000 Cossacks and 2000 Domobranci Slovenians who were part of the German army retreating in early May to the valleys of Kaernten in southern Austria, where they surrendered to the British who, promising they were being sent to Italy, forced them into locked railroad cars that instead went directly to the waiting Soviets in Styria and the Tito partisans at the Austrian border–certain death at the hands of their enemies.

In the Gottschee Horn (Kocevski Rog), 12,000 Slovenians were murdered. In another pit near Ljubljana, Croatians and Cossacks had been murdered – German prisoners were forced to clean out this pit with a "horrible cadaverous smell" and thereafter were murdered themselves.

Mitja Ferenc said Yugoslavia’s communist authorities persistently refused to acknowledge the executions had taken place and refused to tell relatives where the bodies were buried. For almost 50 years, people were not allowed to visit the graves. Many of them were destroyed by deliberate explosions or covered by waste. In some places, such as Celje, about 60 km (35 miles) east of Ljubljana, parts of towns were built on them.

"The evidence is being gathered but the fact is that most evidence has been systematically destroyed in the past," Joze Dezman said.

Typifying the ongoing attitude of the communists is 85-year-old Janez Stanovnik, a partisan fighter as a teenager who held high government positions under communism.

"I’m not proud of what happened in May and June 1945, but I am proud of what the partisans did during the war," he said. "Is this really something another generation has to pay for – or see used for political capital?" (Chicago Tribune, "Wartime heroes, sinful secrets," Christine Spolar, Jan. 29, 2008)


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