My Boer NAZI pal: Hitler’s Laws of NAZI Germany re: Who is a German & Who is a Jew


[An interesting analysis. I have noted that many famous Jews in SA came from Germany and they left Germany before the 1st shots of WW2 were fired. I suspect their Mommies and Daddy's were fleeing from Hitler because they were up to communist shit! See what my pal says below. Jan]

Hi Jan

Another thing. I had a look at the laws of Nazi Germany. If your grandfather was a Jew and your grandmother a German on one side and your grandfather and grandmother was both Germans on the other side you would have been categorized as a German (one vs three). But there were also many “jews” like brother Nathaniel who converted to Christianity and then was accepted as Germans. So I think Jews were actually those Jews who were very much attached to the synagogue and who wanted to be Jews. But even a Jew who became an atheist was in the end actually no more a Jew. According to my knowledge 150,000 Jews fought on the German side! I tell you in the end it were the activist commie Jews that regarded Germany as their enemy who had to leave Germany and not the ordinary Jews who associated with Nazi Germany.. The (Zionist) orthodox Jews always wanted the create the impression that Hitler was against ALL JEWS. Because they built their money making Holocaust story on it!

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