My Admiration for the Confederate General Robert E. Lee and other Confederate Military figures

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[This is from a note to a southerner I met when I was in the USA in 2019. Jan]

For the record, there are a handful of American generals and officers whom I have studied but never given my comments about.

In terms of quality, I have tremendous admiration for lee. What a man! He inspired men. But I also watched a documentary where they said that others had predicted he would NEVER be able to rise to high rank! 🙂 Hahahaha.

They said he was not made of the right stuff. But there are others of true genius – and I mean that in its proper term – Stonewall jackson, who was a professor, was magnificent in one of his campaigns.

There is a cavalryman, I forget his name, but his feats of daring are the stuff of pure legend. I have a personal regard for Lee, that puts him at the top of my list of American military men. He had an aura about him, a command for respect, and the ability to fight against big odds when outnumbered … There are a lot of "Napoleonic" elements about Robert E Lee and his troops … it’s much like Napoleon in Italy. Poor White troops, short of logistics, but big on determination and utter skill. They were like the Boers. My favourite topic is white generals of our race, and yet, I’ve hardly done a video about any. I have all the material to do a video about the top 7 of all time – From Alexander the Great through to Von Manstein of WW2. We rock as a people. Our only weakness has been fighting each other.

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