Multiculturalism is Jewish punishment to the Whites of Europe

[My Japanese pal on the social media passed this item on. Just read this and be astounded by the Jewish arrogance and hatred towards the whites of Europe. My Jewish pal here in South Africa, whom I regarded as a “best friend” for most of 20 years, and I discussed Europe on a number of occasions. Whenever I said to him: “Isn’t it AWESOME what the whites of Europe are doing?” (with regard to some topic) – then my Jewish friend would always diss the Europeans. He never had a good word for Europe. Only one of my Jewish friends ever said anything good about Europe. But all the rest never had a good word for the whites of Europe.

Now that I’m wiser and know my history much better I know that Jews talk endless nonsense about the supposed crimes of the whites of Europe.

The simple fact is that whites in general, for the last 2,000 years have been far too tolerant of Jews. We shouldn’t have these people anywhere in our midst. They are garbage. Jan]

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