Most Jews are THIEVES (& ALL are LIARS!): Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Reminds US that Israel’s Most Famous Leade r Said: Most Jews Are Thieves – My Comments


[The leader said most Jews are thieves. Let me add my own views: ALL JEWS ARE LIARS! And the only Jews who are not thieves, are the one whom we have not caught yet! As for all Jews being liars … I stand by that. Most whites just aren't subtle enough to realise that the Jew standing in front of them is a practised LIAR. They all know the game. They're taught from a young age to know what lies to tell to whites and whomever they need to lie to. This is from Paul Craig Roberts. Jan]

The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Reminds US that Israel’s Most Famous Leader Said: “Most Jews Are Thieves”

Was David Ben-Gurion an anti-semitic self-hating Jew?

Israel has to learn to accept criticism just like every other country and government on Earth. Israel has got away for far too long with branding every critic of any Israeli policy an anti-semitic who wants to restart the Holocaust. Israel is the only country in the world that has well-financed political lobbies that have succeeded in having governments make criticism of Israel a hate crime punished by a prison sentence.

Israel treats Palestinians the way Nazis treated Jews, only perhaps worse. Israel has stolen Palestine from the inhabitants.


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