Message from a Romanian: America is going down like I never expected … Romania fought on Hitler’s side…

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[This is a message I got from a Romanian man who is awakened to the reality of life, Jews, race, etc. I replied to him and said that I was aware of the brave fight the Romanian Army put up alongside the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front. I think the Romanian army put up some of the best fighting of any of the German allies on the Eastern front. I had heard of 
Marshal Antonescu, but never studied him. I was sad to see the film footage of his execution. It is amazing the things that Jewish Youtube will allow and what it will ban. It has no problem showing the executions of White men on Hitler's side. But it will whine and cry and ban all sorts of other things. At the end of the day, all they are doing is just protecting Jewry and nothing more. What a brave, fine man
Marshal Antonescu

was. He died with the same kind of bravery the Romans would have advocated and been proud of. It sickens me to see White men shot down like dogs, while the Jew rats survived and lied and crowed about the war they were instrumental in starting. Jan]

Hey man, my name is xxxx and I have been following you / watching your videos for a while. I like the measured, focused, brave way you are putting your videos together and also the focus on quality you mentioned in one of them. I was born in Romania, lived in NY for over 30 years, grew up in communism and saw it fall in 1989. I was in the streets back then and I thought that crap would last one for a lifetime. Alas, only 30 short years later I see it happening in the USA – once the true bastion of freedom.

You are a fan of history (thanks for the educational videos on African history) so you know Romania sided with the Axes in WWII and produced some of the most upstanding characters the world has ever seen: the legionnaires, led by one of the ballsiest guys who ever existed: Marshal Antonescu. Here is a video of his execution once the Russians took over in 1945 ( where he’s greeting the execution squadron just before being shot.

Why am I writing to you? It is obviously open season on whites these days and I think I can help, one cannot be neutral, one can never be neutral or it leads to extermination of millions as we saw communism do it. I have been in technology since forever, I hold a commercial pilot license and I wrote software ranging from neural networks (AI) to a system of xxxxxxx

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