Meme: Pic: People not happy on Gab since the Jews crashed in… Whites must be JEW FREE!!

[I laughed at this. I have been back on gab for the first time in several months and its not like it used to be. Some Jewish or Antifa piece of shit was also attacking me. I’m glad there’s a block function though. However, Gab is just not like it was. I will soon be heading off to to join Alex Linder there.

The Jews have killed the social media everywhere. The good news is that Gab still has a high ranking. I still think its better than Twitter and Jew book. Ultimately, we whites will have to have all our own places where we gather and talk AND IT MUST BE JEW FREE. Please take it SERIOUSLY to drive Jews and Antifa out of our circles. Jan]

Here was the post that had me laughing:

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