Meme: Awesome Quotes from America’s White RACIST Founding Fathers…


[The founding fathers of America were sane White men. Look at what they thought and said. They had no intention, whatsoever, of creating a multiracial “Diverse” bunch of hodge podge garbage. They were racists who thought in logical, European, factual terms. They were not emotional (((Liberal))) scum. They intended for America to be WHITE and to be DOMINATED BY WHITES … FOREVER. White Americans, stop cowering like weak fools. BE PROUD OF YOUR RACIST PAST. YOU WERE CONQUERORS, YOU WERE WINNERS. YOU DID NOT NEED TO ASK ANYONE’S PERMISSION. Like Whites everywhere, you worked, fought and carved out a wonderful place that you are proud of. BE RACIST! WALK TALL! Don’t listen to your filthy enemies in your midst. If you have any faults, then it is one of TOO MUCH TOLERANCE. You tolerate too many enemies whom you should have got rid of. Now your enemies are showing their hatred of your wonderful achievements. They are filth and scum. Jan]

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