Mein Kampf: Hitler’s BRILLIANT chapter on Propaganda – WHITE MOTIVATION & Jewish Psychological Warfare against Whites

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I’m going through Mein Kampf. One chapter that Whites should read from end to end and absolutely absorb is the chapter on propaganda. He explains propaganda from his viewpoint of a soldier in the trenches. He is wounded after 2 years on the front and he then ends up in a lovely hospital and he listens to cowards telling how they injured themselves so that they could get out of the front line.

But his discussion on propaganda is deep and important. At a point Hitler even gets very angry with German women at home saying that the pathetic letters they wrote from home were responsible for the deaths of "hundreds of thousands of men".

Hitler makes a very important point that the British saw psychological warfare as the No 1 form of "Spiritual Warfare". They don’t put their dumbest people in there … THEY PUT THEIR CLEVEREST PEOPLE TO WORK! The British are the BEST as psy warfare. I would totally agree with this. (This could also explain why the White British are the most sheep-like, because Jewish Britain has perfected the art of breaking the White man’s spirit and keeping Whites down). I want to emphasise that I think what Hitler is saying is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT and VALID even a century later. The British are the BEST as propaganda. America, I must tell you, is not far behind.

But Hitler laments that the Germans had their worst dunces doing their propaganda war and it was causing them to lose on the battlefield when they shouldn’t.

I do want to return also to the Romans and their attitude.

That chapter on Propaganda is one which Whites, especially men, should read and really absorb. It is valid to this day. We have Jews who work among us and divide us and most importantly, DEMORALISE US.

These scumbags are messing with our heads and it’s making people negative and give up when we are FAR FROM FINISHED.

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