MEGA JEWISH ECONOMIC SUPER SCAMS: Some shocking economic things coming…


I was watching, for my own interest, some videos of interviews of the US economic situation, which will of course impact the world.

I’m going to take those interviews and put them into a video shortly. But I must tell you, that there is so much info, coming from so many sources that I was amazed and even shocked to some degree by the information that came out.

The US Economy and the enormous Jewish scams that run in the US economy were already taking their toll. But COVID and these lockdowns will surely create for us a 1929 situation. We are living in a 1929 situation now.

The US Government is trying to hide the enormity of the problems. But as things move forward, it is possible that in the years to come, that 90% of Whites might just find themselves losing much of what they have, except for that which is physical.

There are scams that I’ve been aware of for a long time, that are no longer regarded as scams. But they are unbelievably enormous. The biggest scam of all time is known as "Derivatives". It’s a stock market thing.

I will do a video where I put this out so people can listen and study it themselves.

The US Government and the Elite, will, in my view, print money until the end of time, in order to pretend that all is well. They will do all they can to pretend and fake it that things are good.

But one day when this thing hits the wall, it will make all the market crashes in the history of the world look like NOTHING.

And I think the Jews themselves are preparing to run away with unbelievable sums of money to China and other destinations when all of this collapses one day.

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