Make Europe Great again! Europe: The ONLY Super power that matters!


Here is a French website a lady sent to me. It seems that the French are being shut up regarding the topic of the Jews. In one video the Frenchman seems to be saying that the French go to jail. That’s as best I can make out. I wish I could get some contacts in France and other parts of Europe. Yesterday I made contact with an Italian who is showing off Fascism and the achievements of the Italians. I was happy to see that. The Americans and British have made it their business in 2 world wars to work for the Jews and to kill WHITES in Europe. This is going to burn America in the future. In my view the ONLY World Super Power that matters is: EUROPE! All whites must rally behind Europe and make Europe truly great. As it is, Europe is beating America in so many ways including science. Its just that Europe has no proper leadership. Here’s the French website with the videos:

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