Liberal Romania passes Law sending its own Citizens to 10 Years in Jail if they Offend Gypsies

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[Nuts. the Jews and Gypsies are the garbage of Europe. Jan]

Romania’s liberal president Klaus Iohannis promulgated the law provisioning for penalties of up to 10 years in jail for “anti-Roma” behavior, defined as “the perception related to Roma expressed as hate,” reported.

Interestingly, the law mentions the term “anti-gypsy”.

This term has been avoided lately and permanently replaced by “anti-Roma.”

“Anti-Gypsyism means both perception and verbal or physical manifestations, motivated by hatred against Roma, directed against Roma or their properties, against non-governmental institutions/organizations, leaders of Roma communities or their places of worship, traditions, and Roma language,” according to the text of the law.

Once again as you can see liberalism is the cancer of the modern world.

Like in America where blacks commit most of the crimes according to FBI statistics, Gypsies in Europe commit most of the crimes but the difference is that their crimes usually consist of pick pocketing, scamming, cheating and whatever else related to thievery while in America most black crime consists of rape and murder.

Now here’s a video of a gypsy man showing some love for Romania and the Romanian people:

Here’s a partial translated transcript for what he said in the video starting from minute 0:36:

“These gypsies around me, excuse me for my language, but I put my penis in your entire Romania and in your entire heritage and in all your deceased people. Stay in your place or we will show you, may I put my penis in your souls and your mothers, may my own children die if I not torture any Romanian that I will find on the streets, may I put my penis in your Christ and in your mothers and your race!”

Another gypsy is heard in the background at the end of the video saying “Yeah, you tell those Romanians!”

For this kind of hate, gypsies will not be punished, only white Romanians are to be punished. Welcome to 2021 where reverse discrimination is the new trendy thing. It is fashionable to spew hate at whites.

This is not only racial hatred but also religious hatred as you can see he was cursing about Jesus Christ as well.

Whites are treated as if they are immune from everything. It is despicable and detestable. Had they passed a law barring hate towards anyone from anyone that would have been a different story but protecting only a class of people, that is disgusting.

They say these laws are to protect minorities, well really now, where are the laws to protect the white minorities of South Africa or Zimbabwe? Or what about laws to protect the white minorities of Mexico or any other country where whites are a minority?

There are no such laws because whites are being actively targeted by an anti-white globalist agenda. They have been targeted for extermination. As these whites are being pushed to the maximum of their limits, expect the mother of all Hitlers to pop up anytime now.


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