LETHAL DOSE OF JEWS: When does JEWISH OVERLOAD SET IN? How much can Whites take? Apartheid Jewish shocker!!

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I recall, many years ago, some Jewish scum, being given access to TV (as they always get … all privileges are just for JEWS) … that Jews were on TV discussing the (fake) “problem” of anti-semitism.

The truth about anti-semitism is this: When Whites find out what Jews are up to, and what back-stabbers, traitors and liars they are, and all the hideous things they are getting up to… ANTI-SEMITISM IS WHEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT. That is what ANTI-SEMITISM is. It is when the TRUTH COMES OUT AND WHEN WHITES BECOME INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH BECAUSE THEY RECOGNISE THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM.

I recall that these Jews said that normally, when a Jewish population reaches 2% of the total population that is when anti-semitism sets in.

However, if you look around, you will find a few examples where whites have managed to survive 2% Jewish-ness.

Apartheid is one such time.

The Jews infested Germany for 600 years. At the time of Hitler there were 550,000 Jews who ran Germany. However, these irritating Jews who were behind Liberalism and Communism and even terrorism and assassination made up only 0.78% of the population.

In modern Canada which has an incredible Jewish overload of 600,000 Jews, we see them having a population ratio of 1.6%. So Canada is close to JEWISH OVERLOAD. But there are worse examples. (But I have not excluded the non-whites from the population so I’m not exactly sure of the exact numbers … but you get my drift).

In Apartheid South Africa, at its peak we had 180,000 Jews in a tiny white population of 5.2 million, the ratio is 3.46%. That’s very high and yet the whites were NOT ANTI-SEMITIC!!

Astounding really…

But there is worse. More Jews live in the USA than in Israel. You could call the USA: Israel No 2. There are 8 million Jews infesting a nation of around 300 million and of that population approximately 200 million are white. That means that the USA has a staggering 4% Jews – TWICE THE LETHAL DOSE if you will, of Jews!!!

So the whites of SA and America both have an over-fatal dose of TOO MUCH JEW.

In the Soviet Union/Russia, the Jews at their peak made up only 2.5% of the population and they could not handle that. They were sick to death of this race of scum.

The highest overdose levels of Jews that I could find, in history was, astoundingly POLAND!!!

The Jews dominated and lived large in Poland. They made up 10% of the white population. That is 5 times the lethal dose of Jews. Yes, 5x the lethal dose of Jews that anyone can handle … indeed. So Poles have an unbelievable, SUPER HUMAN ability, in reality to a toleration of JEWS!!! Scientists should study Poles to find out how they do it! That is almost like being able to survive nuclear radiation. How do you manage to survive such an overdose that would kill any other nation?

But there you have it: Apartheid South Africa; the USA and Poland … where WHITES HAVE HIGHER THAN A LETHAL OVERDOSE OF JEWS!

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